PenJammer Press and Noteworthy Mentions

"How to Do Everything With Your Sony Clie," by Rick Broida and Dave Johnson. (McGraw-Hill/Osborne)

On page 66 in TIP note it says, "If you're really having trouble mastering Graffiti, there's a great tutorial program called PenJammer ( It's not for Windows or Macintosh--it works right on your handheld, teaching you every Graffiti character via animated helpers. Very cool, very helpful, and very inexpensive...."

PC Magazine, December 2002

User Reviews From --- AVERAGE User Rating: *****(5-stars)

*****Get it now...don't even think twice! from California, July 25, 2002
This is one of the handiest, most essential Palm apps I have found. It makes it really easy...and fun to learn Graffiti. It is GREAT for those just learning, as well as those of us who need a refresher course now and then. I wish this app was around when I was first trying to learn Graffiti. The best in its class (and I think the ONLY one).

*****Two thumbs up! Haim Felronice from CA, July 24, 2002
What a cool idea! I wish this interactive teacher was around when I got my first Palm. I had to learn Graffiti the hard way. A must have for Palm newbies. This neat app can teach you write fast :)