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No matter whether you're a Palm®, Handspring™ or Sony Clie® user, you've got the elegant simplicity of Palm OS® behind you.

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Presenting PenJammer® Version 2.0.

Why struggle to teach yourself Graffiti® when you could be jammin'?

PenJammer by Ironwheel Works takes you through the entire Graffiti character set -- letters, navigation, numbers, extendended characters, and even accented characters -- one at a time and shows you the proper start point and tracing to successfully master the Graffiti script.

And now Version 2.0 includes a great game module that lets you play against a timer to see how fast you are at recognizing and creating Graffiti characters.

The splash/module selector
Learning the letters
See how fast you are by playing against a timer!

PenJammer is a must have accessory for all Palm®, Handspring™ or Sony Clie® PDAs, as well as Palm OS® based cellular phones to get the most out of stylus-based computing. PenJammer supports PalmOS versions 3.5 up to version 5.

With a retail price of $9.90 U.S., PenJammer is priced to be within easy reach of all Graffiti users.

A demo version of the program is available if you click here . Click on support to contact me about purchasing.

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